For modern couples who want a relaxed, light-hearted yet meaningful ceremony that’s all about your love.

Welcome Lovers!
This is a super exciting time and I’m thrilled you’ve landed here to suss out if I might be the perfect marriage celebrant for you.

I’m all about delivering fresh ceremonies that feel genuine and memorable for you and your guests.
I bring a joyful, warm vibe to help make sure you’re feeling totally relaxed and in-the-moment when it comes to marrying the love of your life.  

My aim is to make the whole process of getting married easy breezy and enjoyable for you. I’m there to support you through this exciting moment in your life while making everything run effortlessly leading up to and on the big day.

If this sounds like your vibe, then I’d love to chat about your day further so please get in touch!

"If you're looking for someone who is fun, personal
and amazing at their job - go with Gab!" ~ Maddie & Thomas.



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With all the bells and whistles, personalised for you and your boo.

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1. Let's Chat

Phone call/ skype to get to know each other a little and discuss any burning questions.


2. Get a good vibe & want to lock me in?

I send you a booking form and you pay the deposit to lock in your date.


3. Yay we’re doing this!

We meet, cheers to your engagement, fill in some paperwork and chat about your dream ceremony in more detail.


4. Question time

You return a completed questionnaire to assist me writing the ceremony.


5. I crack my knuckles and get to the writing

Based on what we have discussed I get cracking on scripting your ceremony. I can also help you with your vows and give you plenty of inspo for any reading/ poems to be included. I’ll send you your ceremony script for feedback, input and sign off. Alternatively we keep the script a surprise and you hear it for the first time with your guests on the day.  

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6. We catch up again

Just before the big day we have a pre-wedding prep call to make sure all final details are sorted and you're feeling excited about the approaching day.


7. Showtime!

I arrive early to set up, meet and greet your favourite people, see your smiling faces and deliver the ceremony. You say your special words to each other, we sign the paperwork and then its party time!


9. I take care of the paperwork

You’re busy honeymooning, I’m busy submitting paperwork to seal the deal for you.

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Thanks so much! I’ll be in touch soon.
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